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We were interviewed by the good people at Pop Insomniacs about the podcast! Here’s a snippet:

2. Race, ethnicity, and gender is a huge theme in the podcast. Why do you feel it’s important to talk about these issues, especially in regards to pop culture?

Zeba: It’s important to talk about these things mainly because there’s been this myth, this narrative telling us all to ignore these issues so that they’ll eventually go away. Our podcast is basically a fuck you in response to that, because it’s that very mode of ignoring said issues that’s resulted in the dearth of people of color, women, queer, and disabled people in movies and TV. It’s that mode that results in little black girls living in white suburbs growing up thinking that they’re worthless because they don’t look like Jennifer Lawrence or Angelina Jolie. It’s that mode that makes a white audience unable to see the humanity of a black character like Rue inThe Hunger Games – an inability that directly ties into how they may feel about the humanity of POC in general.

Not to get too real, but at the end of the day this is some real shit – entertainment effects our attitudes and ideas about ourselves and each other more than we know, and me and Fariha want to call out the bad stuff and celebrate the good stuff but most importantly make sure thatsomething is being discussed, always.

Fariha: I think it’s necessary, nay vital! And really the future of the pop culture rhetoric. I think that in order to truly transition into a more developed society we need to overcome some institutional problems, whether that pertains to race, class, etc. Open dialogue really is the only way any real change can come about and the truth is there are many misconceptions that our society still operates on, i.e. that we live in a post-feminist and/or a post-racial world, which is completely bogus.

Something that has become incontestable through the duration of this podcast is how much we need to have “this conversation” (in regards to race/feminism) because there are large numbers of people that are completely oblivious to the plight of POCs and WOCs in the world. And, of course, POCs are not exempted from being racist. I’ve heard a lot of racist things been said from people I know, whether they’re black or Asian or members of my family, so that’s why I always try to emphasize the importance ofeveryone’seducation. This podcast isn’t about pointing out why white people are ignorant (though that is the conclusion we often come to…) but it’s about how all of us need to enlighten each other and one really effective way to do that is through communication.

Read the rest over at Pop Insomniacs here!


Help me study and do research in Brazil next semester! ↘


Hey everybody! I’m in a bit of a tight spot.

I study History and Latin American & Caribbean Studies. I focus on Black Women in both the US and Latin America in my studies, primarily black women’s organizing.

I was awarded 10,000 dollars to go study abroad in Bahia, Brazil for next semester. It wasn’t enough, but it was significant enough since I had 3000 saved and was expecting 3,000 more dollars from my university’s study abroad office (they actually told me it was guaranteed as they have to provide aid that is significant enough to make an impact on my budget). I also applied for other groups that could give me aid, like my uni’s Honors Program (in which the director told me I would be granted admission as long as my grades each semester were good [because I received poor grades doing STEM freshman and sophomore year]).

Of course, those two didn’t pan out. Both groups backtracked on their earlier statements and either provided me a reduced amount of funding or rejected me outright because I didn’t not have an overall GPA of 3.8 or higher (which will never happen, even though my GPAs in History and Latin American studies are 4.0s).

I have looked for other sources of funding, but also run into other problems:

  • scholarships that I can apply to (which are only three) award the funding money while I’m abroad, which is after the money is due (if I’m able to get them).
  • there aren’t that many scholarships in my area (Latin America) because Spanish and Portuguese are no longer deemed critical languages by the State Dept and CIA, in contrast to languages in Central, South, and East Asia.
  • my deptartments have tried their hardest to find ways for me, but they are also cash-strapped themselves.
  • The program that I applied to (CIEE) has me on a waitlist for scholarship money, so I don’t know if I will get anything from them.
  • I also saved money myself, about 3,000, but had to use all of it to go to Ghana this summer when my grandmother passed away.

So I’m resorting to the internet for help. I’m the only one on my trip (I’m going through CIEE because my uni doesn’t have a program for Brazil) who isn’t going to a well-funded Ivy League or University of California school, so I don’t have much to fall back on. My parents are also struggling financially (especially after my grandma’s funeral) and paying my sister’s tuition (usually they don’t pay mine since I get scholarships). 

I need your help! I specifically need to go because:

  • I’m doing research for my senior thesis on black women’s organizing in Brazil.
  • Salvador, Bahia has a wealth of primary and secondary sources that will help with that research.
  • I can finish the large bulk of my degree in Latin American studies there.
  • It also helps that it is a majority poc city in a majority poc state

But this would help immensely with my future goals too: I want to go to grad school and do Brazilian studies.

Please donate! I have lots of prizes for people who donate:
- 10 dollars: a personalized thank you email, digital photo, and the url to my study abroad blog. 
- 15 dollars: a digital copy of a photo zine based on my travels and observations in Brazil (PDF format, will be sent out in September), and the url to my study abroad blog. - 30 dollars: two postcards sent (in March and May) from Bahia! 
- 50 dollars: Detailed, monthly e-mail updates (5 total), and one postcard from Bahia. 
- 100 dollars: Skype date! Connect with me in real time and listen to my stories. Plus, a neat souvenir and a physical version of my zine.

I also can do stuff for your organization, including giving talks and mentoring, if you’re in one and have some many to spare!

I have until December 5th to raise this money, so please help me! Besides the academic benefits, I rarely see other black woc go abroad at my uni, and I don’t think it’s fair that other people get to go abroad because they can take a subsidized trip to Europe and I’m not interested in Europe.

Even if you can’t donate, please pass this around! The more, the merrier. Every little bit counts! Thank you! 


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I don’t think that white women seem to get that women of color are also objectified. It’s like white women also buy into racist beauty norms and don’t actually think we’re pretty to anyone so we’re just treated as desexualized beings. 

It’s like, no, we’re objectified, (most of us are) hypersexualized, and fetishized. We aren’t treated as women but as “Black women”, “Latina women”, “Asian women”, etc. - meaning that we’re viewed more as substandard versions of womanhood.

We’re just more brag-to-your-friends-that-you-fucked-a Black-chick-hot than treat like a potential partner and bring home to your parents as if we’re not too shameful and eventually marry into the family and benefit from white men’s privileges by proxy on a large scale hot.



Hijras now a separate gender

Nov. 11 2013

Hijras, who are neither male nor female, from now on will be considered as a separate gender in Bangladesh and will get priority for education and other rights.

The decision was made at a Monday cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Cabinet Secretary Musharraf Hossain Bhuiyan briefed the media after the meeting.

Journalists asked Musharraf whether the spelling of Hijra would be spelled with a “z or a j.”

"With a j. They will be referred as Hijras in both English and Bangla language. Any other translations in English is misleading," the cabinet secretary said.

There are currently 10,000 Hijras living in the country he said, referring to a survey conducted by the Ministry of Social Welfare.

This has led the government to consider them as a separate gender alongside the existing male and female sexes, he said.

Hijras are already enlisted as voters in Bangladesh.

The move comes as the current government’s term draws to a close.


solidarity is for white women


because the bodies of women of color keep being continiously mocked and it’s considered “pretty amazing”, “hilarious”, “funny teasing” (x., x.).

honestly, ellen degeneres is doing this for the second year in a row and white feminists have nothing to say about this bullshit?

i mean, look at it:


hell, notice, sofia’s dress didn’t even have that ass window. AND EVEN IF IT HAD, YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO PULL THIS SHIT.


… ugh, no.

contributing to a history of dehumanization and hypersexualisation of our bodies by white people. emphasizing the double standart applied to women of color reclaiming their bodies and presenting them as they fucking please.

bc when we do it, it’s ridiculous, but let a white girl dresses like this and she’s “embracing her sexuality”? i mean look at this fucking interview w/ miley cyrus.



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Japanese astronaut Naoko Yamazaki just after landing with the Discovery space shuttle (behind her). (NASA)



Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson, the first black woman to earn a doctorate from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in nuclear physics.




Mrs. Lizzie Sheppard, brought a supremacist to court: Charging that a white preacher struck her with a rake when she refused to get off the sidewalk in front of his home, 5 1/2 months pregnant Mrs. Lizzie Sheppard listens as Rev. Elbert D. Riddick pleads his case in a Portland, Oregon courtroom. He incurred a fifty dollar fine for his crime.



Judith Hill

(Japanese/African-American) [American]

Known as: Singer-Songwriter (Sang lead on “Heal The World” at Michael Jackson’s Memorial Service; Backup singer on Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” Tour; Composed ballads for Spike Lee’s “Red Hook Summer” film)

Videos: Heal The World, Judith Hill on Brian McKnight Show, Judith Hill - EPK 2011, ET Interviews Judith Hill, I Will Always Be Missing You, Judith Hill Live at the Temple Bar

More Information: Judith Hill’s Official Site, Judith Hill’s Twitter page, Judith Hill’s Facebook page, Judith Hill’s YouTube page, Judith Hill’s mySpace page, Judith Hill’s Wikipedia page

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Helen Humes and female dancers in Dizzy Gillespie’s 1947 musical film, Jivin’ in Be-Bop